Proven: Ireland is Good for You

The infamous Spring Break in the US stereotypically consists of getting a ticket to a summer paradise somewhere on the continent and getting very much drunk with thousands of other university students. Well, in Europe this tradition hasn’t really found its place (yet) so during my spring break from uni – which is much needed tbh – we gathered a group on friends and checked the where we could get the cheapest flights from London. Happened to be Dublin.

IMG_8327 – kopio
View from the south side of the river Liffey (‘Life’ in Gaelic)

So that is how a very international group of nine ended up in an airbnb (which turned out to be more like a scam – note to self: don’t trust people online) in the capital of Ireland and spent a very memorable 3 and a half days in this beautiful, but truly very rainy & windy city. Though all the Irish being so nice and helpful really made up for it, despite the occasional difficulties of mutual understanding – or maybe it was just difficult for us. Still absolutely love their accent.

IMG_8240 – kopio
This was during one of the rainiest times – same river though.
IMG_8366 – kopio
Poland, 2 x France, Luxembourg, England, Austria, Romania, Finland + Germany missing

I have been to Dublin before, but that was when I was around 12 so this time was like visiting it for the first time. However, I have quite recently visited Cork, more in the South of Ireland, and I really loved the city & the Irish people so I and high expectations. And Dublin did deliver. Four days was really the perfect amount of time to visit the main attractions without still getting too bored, at least for me since I like to take things slow and do them in my own time. Then again, we were a relatively big group of people and there were different kind of travellers among us – some may have been happy with a bit less than four and some may not have been too upset with an extra day. However, we managed to please everyone in the end.

IMG_8362 – kopio
A more natural side of Dublin! There are plenty of huge parks all over the city.
IMG_8316 – kopio
The Dublin Cathedral is definitely worthwhile, it is absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by a huge park and a playground

If you are looking to visit Dublin soon, or are just browsing for possible destinations, let me give you a few tips that will for sure come handy if you happen to end up in this city.

1. Take loads of warm clothes and layers and do not forget waterproof shoes!! That was my mistake… Spent all the trip in soaking wet Converse. #notnice

2. An umbrella is really a must, but take good care of it. One of my friends lost hers to the wind and we haven’t seen it since…

3. Ireland is Eurozone, au contraire to the UK, but they do use the same kind of power sockets than their neighbours – so the one’s with three little bar things. Again, we did not know this.

4. Alcohol is very expensive due to the high taxation and it is not sold after 10 pm. This we did google beforehand. Prioritizing at its best.

5. On the other hand, taxis are very cheap and the town isn’t very large, so getting from one place to another was super easy! We walked most of the time.

IMG_8298 – kopio
The Dublin Castle. Some of us also took a tour inside which I do strongly recommend.

Voila, I think that was all for now! Oh yeah, and if you’re into hitting more than  one destination at once, the Dublin airport is the home for Ryanair so cheap flights are a serious possibility – I flew from there directly to Paris for 15 euros. Also, Irish countryside is supposed to be gorgeous, so it should be worth the while to take a few extra days and explore the meadows!

IMG_8323 – kopio
The days may have been rainy but the nights were beautiful.

Well as I said, I’m recovering from our holiday (four nights spent in a two-room flat with nine people in it is not child’s play) in Paris so the topic of the next post should be fairly obvious!