A Quick One From Switzerland

It’s already been a few weeks of my quick weekend in Switzerland, but I though that, hey, better late than never! So here it goes.

IMG_8519 – kopio
The weather was quite gloomy throughout the weekend, but I kind of like rain, so it didn’t matter!

I was visiting this smallish town in the German speaking part of Switzerland called Basel, and I was there no, not on a vacation, but rather doing some work in the form of EYP -European Youth Parliament – and chairing a committee regarding climate change and whether nuclear power should play a role in resolving it. By the way, in case you’re interested, we thought it shouldn’t. The whole weekend was great and so rewarding, but also super busy and tiring. This is why I sadly had very little time to explore Basel.

To be honest, I didn’t think it would be a huge loss before I got there, since it has only a bit over 165 000 inhabitants. But I was so wrong. Friday morning I had few hours to just walk around before our extremely time-effective session started, and I was blown away by the beauty of this city. And the ice cold wind, but anyways. One thing that I thought was especially great was the fact that the river Rhine flows through this city. I have this weird obsession with Rhine, maybe because my last name allegedly somehow stems from it, but I’ve always thought of it as the king of the rivers. So you can just imagine how thrilled I was to find out that I would actually see it! Yay! (Yeah I know it’s weird, but I like Rhine. Or the Rhine? No idea.)

IMG_8531 – kopio
Another picture of Rhine just because

Another fun fact about Basel: its airport is simultaneously not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and France! So technically I visited all three countries! Though I’ve heard that airports don’t really count for that… But my real point was that if you ever happen to travel to this multi-national airport, pay attention to the exit you’re taking. I took the right one, fortunately, but I can just imagine what a pain it would be to find yourself in Germany when you were aiming for France or something like that, because I have no idea how that would sort itself out. However I really loved this airport, also just on the level of thought, because I love multi-national co-operation, and this is a perfect proof that it exists. And let’s just leave the fact aside that its probably just because it boosts the economy of all three countries.

IMG_8517 – kopio

Anyways, bottom line, I had a great weekend in Basel and it positively surprised me! Though not regarding the level of prices – Switzerland is still ridiculously expensive. But for me it was still worth it, and everything was so efficient and ecologic and clean that I might just wanna move to Switzerland at some point. If I win in the lottery.


One thought on “A Quick One From Switzerland

  1. Basel looks beautiful, and it seems like you had a great time! I’m sure Switzerland is expensive, Norway is the same – and people always tell me when they come visit, haha 🙂 I’m so excited that you are working with the EYP! That must be so interesting 🙂


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