Love for Paris

You know that feeling when you travel somewhere you’ve heard about so much from so many people and you’ve really looked forward to your trip, and when you finally get there, it ends up being a disappointment. I’m sure that this has happened to everyone at some point or another, but I can honestly say that I can’t imagine anyone feeling that way if they went to Paris. I’ve been there multiple times, even lived on the outskirts for a year, and I’m still not even close to being sick of it.

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There has been this huge Paris hype since…umm I don’t know, like, the 13th century, when Paris was the largest town in Europe. It has also always been a center to the cultural and intellectual development in Europe, and a major tourist attraction for longer than you may think. Maybe it’s because of this, or just the extraordinary beauty of architecture wherever you go, but Paris has an enormous amount of character. I realize that this may not be the most clear choice of words, but I really don’t know how else to describe it! I feel like Paris is a city that is truly alive. Not just with the millions of people roaming it streets at the same time than you, but with its history, everything that’s happened in the city. It’s still there, all of it. More vividly than in any other place I’ve ever been to.

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The sight of Louvre from the highest floor of Musée d’Orsay

Paris is one of the ‘places to go to’ on every single self-respecting bucket list, and not in vain. But the obvious popularity of this city also results in vast amounts of tourists all around the year, which means that if you’re just visiting the most iconic spots, all you get is the touristy experience. And don’t get me wrong, Tour Eiffel and Champs Élysées are definitely worth a visit! But if you leave it there, you’re missing so much.

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Paris is full of hidden pathways and beautiful spots, and the best way to find them is to just roam around. I always used to take any metro line inside Paris and get off at a random station and just walk around until I got tired – this is a great way to spend time if you want to invest in a one-day ticket and want to see some more of Paris. Or if the weather is nice, just walk along the Seine or follow one of the smaller streets and see where it takes you! And don’t worry about getting lost, just keep a metro map on you and you can spot yourself on it every time you run into a station.

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You can see all Paris from Sacré-Coeur

I could name so many beautiful, lesser known places in Paris, but honestly, it’s the best if you get to discover them for yourself, and this is also how we keep them unknown, right? But in case you’re planning to visit Paris only shortly or really want to hit the most famous spots, google is your friend. A few of my favorites are: Tour Eiffel, Jardin du Luxembourg, Musée d’Orsay and Sacré-Coeur. As a last tip, don’t try to hit too many places in one day. Instead, choose one or two close to each other and discover the surroundings of these attractions. All of Paris can’t be seen during one trip, but it can be thoroughly enjoyed.

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12 thoughts on “Love for Paris

  1. I agree… Paris is a pretty amazing destination and there is WAY more to it than just the main tourist spots. My daughter is completely obsessed and already at 8 years old has a list of life goals she need to complete so she can wind up in Paris someday 😉


    1. I’m so happy you feel it too! And I know, everyone always tells me that Parisians are horrible but this is not the impression I have at all…! Guess we shouldn’t believe everything we hear haha!


  2. You are absolutely right! We were talking about planning a North to South Europe trip and I am so excited to return to Paris. It is very much alive and so lovely. I would love to explore the rest of France as well. Cheers to you!
    Amanda –


    1. That sounds like a trip of a lifetime! I hope you can make it happen and make it to Paris. And yes the rest of France is supposed to be so lovely too, just too often left in the shadow of Paris. Understandably though!


  3. You have no idea how bad I want to go to Paris! I’ve been wanting to visit forever! Hopefully I get to go soon and you could advice me on some other great places to visit that are not so tourist-crowded.


    1. You definitely should! It’s worth every penny haha. And honestly, when you go, just drop me a message and I’d love to give you more detailed tips! 🙂


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