Why Yes England Has Brunch

A fun fact: brunch has actually English origins, dating back all the way to the late 19th century. Or maybe this is common knowledge and I’m just the dummie here? In any case, this wonderful concept of mixing up breakfast and lunch is honestly something that makes the world a better place to live in. Really. I mean it’s pretty genius. So, we decided with a bunch of friends from uni that we needed to find out whether British brunch could improve the overall image of British breakfasts.

IMG_8145 – kopio
Queuing in the rain for a loong time… But almost at the door at this point!

IMG_8167 – kopioFinding a place to have brunch in London isn’t too hard, but you should still Google around beforehand to avoid the ever so awkward fumbling around when randomly looking for a place to eat, and eventually just ending up having the regular British breakfast at yet another pub. Not that I’d have anything against pubs though.

We chose our destination beforehand (aka my friend chose, I actively avoid responsibility) and ended up at The Breakfast Club at London Bridge. We made one critical mistake though – we did not make a reservation. First of all, the time to queue was well over an hour  already when we got there around 11 am. (Okay, confession time: I was late because I slept in. This is why brunch normally happens after a Saturday, not a Friday! Still, ever so grateful for my friends for queuing for me too ❤️) On top of that we were 6 people, which did not help the situation. The overall waiting time for us ended up being over 1,5 hours, so lesson learned. Make a reservation.

IMG_8157 – kopio
Five hot chocolates and one latte – proper drinks in proper mugs for proper adults

However, once we did get in and finally got seated (after an episode of being difficult customers and asking for a specific table not so close to the door in order to avoid the freezing breeze outside… Yeah, I know but it had to be done) it was totally worth the wait. We got our food really quickly, and it was so good. One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had! So it has now been proven: you can get good food in the UK, and even a good breakfast!

IMG_8161 – kopio

Naturally we all ordered pancakes, but being 6 people we still had a quite a few different varieties. They all came with maple syrup, no matter whether it was pancakes with bacon or with berries, but even with the salty sides it all played together surprisingly well – so be brave. The dishes were huge and in the end I couldn’t even finish mine, so the guys were kind enough to help me out with my last pancake – almost fighting over it so yeah, it was definitely good.

The Breakfast Club has quite a few restaurants in London, so feel free to pick the most convenient one for you. Most of the breakfast dishes were around £10, so a very reasonable price for a breakfast and lunch – because trust me, you won’t need lunch after this brunch! They also had nice 90s hits playing, so points for general ambiance. And for good looking waiters. Overall, it was definitely a brunch worth having.


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